Daily routine

Use the power of habit to create your own system of marginal gains. Your life will improve spectacularly.


Here is how I schedule my habits:


22:30–06:30   Good sleep, wake up and shine light in my eyes

06:30–07:00   Yoga, Resistance training, Deep breathing

07:00–07:15   Paleo breakfast

07:15–07:30   Warm and cold shower

12:00–12:30   Paleo lunch

14:00–14:30   Walk

18:00–18:30   Paleo dinner

21:30–22:30   Reading, Gratitude, Meditation


These habits take 3.5 hours and structure a fantastic day every day.


A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else.

-Darren Hardy

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