Buzz & Reviews

"In his book, Paul makes reference to supertexts that have stood the test of time. This will be one of them."
Sam Zaid, Founder of Getaround, Gazaro and Apption Software

"Most self help books are fluff, and not worth the paper or bits that they are encoded on. Master Life Faster manages to collect operationally useful advice that can make anyone's life work more effectively. This is true if your life already works quite well, or if your life is a total train wreck and you think it cannot be repaired."
Neil Jacobstein, CEO of Teknowledge

"I was so amazed by the wealth of information in the book. I have already started implementing the eating plan for myself and my family."
Angie Poirier, Morning host, 'A' News

"From health to money to relationships and overall happiness, Master Life Faster condenses hundreds of scientific studies into a single, efficient volume that gives you the essential bits of wisdom you need to live your life to its fullest."
Daniel Reda, Co-founder of CureTogether

"This terrific book reflects Paul's training in medicine, in which physicians are constantly bombarded by data and information and learn to sift through to the most pertinent findings that make the difference in making the diagnosis and effecting a cure. In this light, Paul has integrated an immense amount of information—focused on the most proven and effective, and in a straightforward way."
Daniel Kraft, M.D., Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur, and F-16 flight surgeon

"Evidence based medicine is a well-known approach to clinical practice since the days of Dr. William Osler, considered by many the founder of modern medicine. Dr. Lem reapplies this successful approach to our everyday lives to create a comprehensive ‘evidence based’ practice for daily living.  It is a fascinating ride learning the best we know today to get the best from ourselves.”
Michael Gillam, M.D., Director, Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Labs

"Master Life Faster is a treatise on achieving health, wealth and happiness. A succinct page-turner with insightful, but actionable steps to success. It provides immeasurable insight on how have it all without losing balance."
Ray Cronise, Co-founder of Zero-G

"Finally, a self-help book grounded in credible science."
Steve Bragg, Founder of Empress Effects

"Fun, information-packed, and a quick read. If you're looking to create your 'best life,' buy this book."
Jessica Scorpio, Founder of IDEAL

"You can't afford not to read this book."
Aydin Mirzaee, Founder of bOK Systems and

"Giving the gift of success is as easy as giving someone this book."
Samantha Ierfino, Founder of Staffing Dynamix

"Like the five human senses, Master Life Faster is divided into five sections that will lead you to create the life you desire."
Urooj Qureshi, Founder of Dakima Marketing

"As a devoted father of six children, Master Life Faster should be the recipe book that all parents search for to help raise their families."
Ray Folkins, Founder of P4 Bottomline

"Paul has taken countless scientific studies worth hundreds of millions of dollars and put them into one book."
Derick Fage, Co-host, Daytime Ottawa